Susan Reveles for Escondido City Council District 3





"It’s our responsibility to support change and growth in our communities. I’m here to serve Escondido by providing a voice to the marginalized, challenging the status quo and creating change. We are stronger together."


What do I stand for?

  • Progress

  • Public Safety

  • Public Health

  • Inclusivity

  • Economic Development

  • Community Involvement

  • Equal Opportunity Housing

  • Resilience

  • Social Reform

  • Challenging the status quo

  • Accountability

What do I bring to the table?

  • Fresh new perspective

  • Transparency

  • Advocacy

  • Business Acumen

  • Analytical

  • Mindfulness

  • Generational understanding

  • Courage

  • Compassion & Empathy

  • Confidence

  • Tenacity


Vote for Susan Reveles on November 3rd

Take Action for Change

My goal as your City Council member is to establish real solutions to the problems and issues that our city is plagued with, focusing on economic development, public safety, public health, and community resources/services. And as our world evolves, supporting businesses to adapt and grow. Together we can create a strategic and mindful plan for the future of Escondido to be prosperous and resilient.

I will seize the opportunity to improve Escondido with transparency and lack of personal bias, working towards the greater good of our city. I am a leader of and for the people, working to create a collaborative voice for the community. I will bring a fresh, new perspective to our City Council with generational and inclusive outreach, bringing the heart and soul of our community to each endeavor. I will mindfully challenge the status quo to help us grow.


Get to know Susan

I was born in Southern California to an immigrant mother of Chinese descent who was born in Mexico. Raised in San Diego County diversity is in my blood.

Ever since I was a small child leadership has been in my blood as well.   If it was on the court with my team or holding office in student government, it has been my calling to guide our community towards the greater good. This tenacious drive to grow and seek all that can be accomplished through focused and mindful cooperation has brought me to participate in an Anti-Defamation League and Leadership Forums.   I also hold a degree in business management after attending both Boston University and University of Phoenix. 

This hard work and dedication has given me the real world experience where my passion for people and leadership has provided me with the opportunity to inspire and develop the best in others. I have thrived working for small and large organizations in leadership roles to establish standards and grow businesses.  I’ve held positions from Director of Operations, Director of Human Resources to General Manager. I am a collaborative leader who always listens and works together to develop plans that are executed successfully. All of my leaders, peers and anyone who has reported to me can attest that I always lead with heart. 

Giving back to the community is a priority, I lead events and volunteer with these organizations: The Boys and Girls Club, Feeding San Diego, Mama’s Kitchen, San Diego Humane Society, Helen Woodward Center for Animals and Mission Continues. 

I am a single mother to my wonderful  six year old son and we have made Escondido our home forever. I want the children of Escondido to be proud of their hometown. The future of my family and yours, depends on our actions. With your support, I will fight for our future. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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